Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Smash-O-Rama 2008

What a fun night! We dropped some really fun things from this cherry picker. I must say that I was a bit scared going up but what a rush to drop a TV from 30 feet in the air and watch it smash on the ground with 30 kids cheering in the distance! In the pictures you will see the TV that I dropped, Braedon dropping a TV (I would have put my picture, but his was cooler, and the best picture which was a grape soda bottle exploding after it bounced off the ground.


Michele said...

One time at work (yes I work in a redneck place) they lined old computer screens up and let me shoot them off the dock with a .22. FUN STUFF !!! I would have loved to seen the flying and smashing TVs

Anonymous said...

Gotta love dropping stuff and watching it smash. This was at YL i suppose? I reccommend a watermellon.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh what fun. I don't know why, but even at 29 I still get a kick out of seeing soda exploding!! What a mess to clean up though...ick!