Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Two of Renewal

I woke up this morning to a glorious cup of hot lemon juice, not joking - it really is a good way to start your day. While drinking my juice, I did my homework for the day which was to take my top 25 list and break that down into top fives. I had to count how many I had of each category, funny I had 16 to dos, 5 to haves, and 4 to bes - that is things I would like to be aka a good wife. Things I would like to have like my extra freezer or new tires for my car, and lastly but my largest group by far - my to do list, which includes finishing my wedding thank yous. I didn't share my top 25 list last night, but I think I can share my top fives.

Top 5 To be
1. A Godly wife
2. A Godly mother/role model
3. 25 pounds lighter
4. Headache free
5. A life changing speaker

Top 5 To Have
1. A cure for MS
2. More time to quilt
3. A bigger kitchen
4. An extra freezer
5. Clothes that actually fit

Top 5 To Dos
1. Write a book
2. Complete a marathon (not necessarily run)
3. Sell my house by Christmas
4. Adopt or Foster care for abandoned kids
5. Complete my wedding thank yous by the end of this month

That is my list for the day! I also had to walk for 15 minutes - so I mowed the lawn - I hope that counts! And I took my vitamins as scheduled! So that is a check on day Two! Now I am off to burn more CDs for the retreat, and finish the powerpoints. It has been a busy day!

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