Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dutch Day Rules - Part 1 - Series number 2

So little did I know before moving to the beloved town of Richfield that there was a hidden book of rules that exist when it is mid-july. It seems as though maybe there should be a welcome booklet or basket when you move to town to let you know "the rules of being a good citizen". Actually I did get a basket last night from the church ladies which was very nice, but there was no book of rules, just a devotional, which I don't think will help me with knowing the Dutch Days Rules.

Here are the rules that I have learned so far, and since Dutch Days starts tomorrow, I have many things still to do to gain good citizen status in the community. Rule number one - you must paint or at least spend several hours sprucing up your porch - no lie - our porch has been painted this week! Rule number two - if your porch is already in good paint condition - you must sweep it several times and remove any and all cobwebs and signs of dirt. Rule number three - you must also hose down your porch (notice a pattern - porches are really important). Rule number 4 - you must sweep the stones off the road in front of your house! No I wish I was kidding - this is really an expectation! I didn't even know there were stones on the road in front of my house until I went out to look and there they are stones that I have to sweep up and remove them before tomorrow afternoon or at least most definately before the parade! Rule number 5 - do not call Dutch Days a fair or a carnival - it is not - it is simply Dutch Days.

I am sure that there are other rules that I have yet to learn - I am just scared to find out those rules because I have unintentionally broken one or more of them. I am just going to tell those people - no one gave me the Dutch Days Instruction Manual.....I am not sure that will work, especially since I am married to the man that some refer to as the "mayor of Richfield" - you would think as mayor he would know these rules....maybe he knows them and just thinks they are silly!

So now I am ending my little rant about the rules - since I am a rule follower - I will do all of the above - I might just have to complain a little bit in the process. There will be more to follow in my second annual series on Dutch Days - to find out more check out my archives from last summer! But this year I am a resident and a Snyder - so that changes everything!!!!

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Ashley said...

Porches are a big deal...wow! We don't even have porches here. You are a resident and a Snyder now...awwww I think it is fun how you are trying to fit in so well as the wife of the "mayor" of Richfield!;-)