Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Pink Brothel

A fun title for a fun house....so a couple weeks ago, I decided to go along with Joel to a football meeting in Wilkes Barre (sometimes that is the only time we get to see each other, especially during football season) Anyway - it was nice to be able to chat and catch up a bit. But back to the Pink Brothel....we found a well lite parking lot and I did some work in the van while he was at his what was to be brief meeting..(over an hour) As I sat there I looked out the window and realized that I was staring at the largest pink house I have ever seen in my life...had it been another color it would have been amazing. Anyway as I sat there one of my friends called and I was telling him about the pink house and he said, isn't that the brothel house that was in the news....hmmmm - I wonder, anyway - I just thought that it was funny that I was in the parking lot of a random town looking at a pink house.


Ashley said...

You are right, it would have been even more amazing had it been a different color. It is so big - I wonder what it is really used for? A brothel, for real?

Bria said...

I LOVE the color!